“The Cost of Interruptions” by Eric Wilson

Fun Fact: According to recent studies, interrupting your work to check your email can waste as much as 16 minutes. On many occasions I have found myself having to explain to

“Salesforce Pivot, from Saas to PaaS” by David Glettner

Since its inception, Salesforce.com has become a widely used and powerful tool. We asked David Glettner to share his insight into how the platform fits in with other CRM and

“Using Unix Cron to Run Automated Tests” by Reynold Miguel

Reynold Miguel is a QA engineering leader with a strong focus on bringing automation to organizations. His deep technical knowledge and understanding of technology enables him to discuss more complex

“Is Feature Branching Evil?” by Jay Dorman, Director of Technology at Edgecast

Jay is a technology executive who runs application development and operations for a large team at Edgecast, a widely used and fast growing content delivery network based in LA. With

“The Innovation Sandwich” by Jim Connolly

Ensuring a culture of innovation as companies grow has become an increasingly important focus for executives. Jim Connolly, SVP of Technology at Zynx Health, provides insight into the unique challenge

“Iterative Software Development – It’s a Sprint AND a Marathon” by Kelly Bakst

Agility in sports requires speed and quickness. In software development, being truly agile is a little more difficult to define. We asked Kelly Bakst, who has deep experience as a

“Data Science – Found Your Unicorn?” By Daniel Gutierrez

Daniel Gutierrez is a data scientist with a strong understanding and background in the big data field. In addition to consulting with a variety of corporations, he is a regular

“Recap of 2013, What’s in Store for 2014?” by TeamQ

The entire Q team hopes that everybody’s year has started off with the same excitement as ours has! We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with so

“Accelerating the Growth of the SoCal Technology Eco-System” by John Shiple

John Shiple provides CTO level expertise to many LA based startups. We asked him to discuss some of the issues surrounding employee development, team building and talent in general. As

“Don’t Let the Problems of Healthcare.gov Happen To You” by Joseph Gutwirth

There has been an excessive amount of discussion in the media about the Affordable Care Act, specifically the immense challenges that have occurred in the website rollout process. Joseph Gutwirth,

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