“Recap of 2013, What’s in Store for 2014?” by TeamQ

The entire Q team hopes that everybody’s year has started off with the same excitement as ours has! We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with so many passionate partners who have an incredible devotion to helping the tech community in LA thrive. Our team at Q is commonly asked about trends in technology (including salary, demand for specific skill sets and bourgeoning tech) – in response, we have collected data from our recruiting efforts in 2013 – below are some salient points that we hope will be of interest!

Fun Fact: Google has acquired an average of 1 company/week since 2010.

Recap of 2013, What’s in Store for 2014?, by TeamQ

Of the many and diverse positions our clients (ranging from small startups focused on web and mobile businesses to large enterprise corporations) asked for help with, nearly one third of positions were in software development (fullstack, frontend, backend, web) and 25% were in QA. Over 15% were in systems administration or engineering, 5-10% of positions were Product/Project. About 8% of open positions were for SQL/MySQL/NoSQL DBA’s and developers. VP’s/Directors/CTO’s and other positions (such as Data Scientists) comprised much of the remainder of our efforts.

  • 60% of our clients are LAMP/Java/Ruby/Python shops
  • 30% are Microsoft shops (mostly .NET on Windows)
  • 10% make significant use of at least two different technology stacks
  • Nearly 100% of companies are moving into Mobile
  • Nearly 100% view virtualized infrastructure (including public/private cloud) as central to their business plan or growth strategy

We also collected average base salary ranges for the most common positions not including benefits, perks, bonuses, stock or other factors that might supplement first year salary.

  • Manual QA:  $60-90K
  • QA Automation/SDET:  $110-150K
  • .Net Engineer: $90-110K (mid), $110-130K (senior)
  • Java Engineer: $110K-125K (mid), $120-140K (senior)
  • Linux Engineer: $110-125K (mid), $130-150K (senior)
  • LAMP Dev: $90-110K (mid), $110-140K (senior)
  • FE Dev: $90-110K (mid), $110-135K (senior)
  • Product Manager: $90-110K (mid), $120-135K (senior)
  • UI Designer: $80-110K (mid) , $110-135K (senior)
  • Mobile Developer: $90-110K (mid), $110-140K  (senior)

In 2013 we saw a massive increase in requests for skill sets that include Scala, data science, noSQL, cloud based infrastructure, or candidates who have a strong grasp of both development and infrastructure operations.

As we look forward to 2014, we are eager to see the many innovations that are sure to come. We are excited to continue helping out as many folks as we can and bringing more stories and insights from in and around the LA tech scene. In that vein, if there are any topics that you would like to have discussed on this newsletter, or if you or anybody you know is interested in contributing, please feel free to share with us (newsletter@Qconnects.com).

Hope you have a productive and fulfilling 2014!

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