“3 Ways To Keep Technically Fit” by James Rothering

We are often looking for new opportunities to share with our network concerning learning about new and truly bleeding edge technologies and how they might be implemented. Recently, we have

“Success Through Stupidity” by Ron Cohen

You’re stupid. Admit it and you’ll be smarter. You’ve always been pretty sharp: Interesting career, created things, led teams, built systems, solved problems, closed deals, etc. You know a lot.

Q’TIP of the Month – August 2013

On LinkedIn, update your picture and skills as often as you update your professional experience.

“Making Engineers Happier and Smarter at the Same Time!” By Chris Hanson

When Chris Hanson told us about the Perpetual Learning program at HauteLook – which institutionalizes the concept that engineers will be happier if they stay on the cutting edge by

The Technology Radar Group Meetup

The Technology Radar Group held a meeting to discuss new technologies and how they might be implemented within organizations – thought provoking discussion!

JQuery Meetup at Q

Great to have all of the JQuery folks at our office for the meetup last week! Thanks to Troy Miles (@therockncoder) for his presentation: Responsive Design and jQuery Mobile and

Q’TIP of the Month – July 2013

LinkedIn profiles and resume overviews/cover letters are best if written in the first person.

“Big Data is Huge (No Pun Intended)!” By Rizwan Ali

Rizwan Ali is a Senior Data Warehouse Architect with deep experience in database design and big data. As data collection and analysis have become increasingly important to most technology organizations,

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Q’TIP of the Month

Unless there is an emergency, do not bring out or use a mobile phone during an interview!

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