An Introduction to Website Authentication – by Wayne Lee

Over the last several years, website login security has been one of the fiercest frontline battlegrounds between hackers and InfoSec professionals. Wayne Lee, who is at the forefront of Web

What Shape Is Your Data? – By Rand Fitzpatrick

Regardless of the product that you are building, data collection and analysis is likely an increasingly important component. Rand Fitzpatrick, currently the Chief Product Officer at OkCupid Labs (which is

An Answer to the Riddle – by Technology Leader, Erik Kellener

SOLVE THIS RIDDLE: It has multiple paths and is critical to both small and large organizations. It is embraced by nearly all employees, yet frequently ignored by businesses. Its absence

5 Reason Why Your Company NEEDS an API – By Ismail Elshareef

When we asked Ismail Elshareef (@ielshareef) – who runs the Open Platform at – if he’d be interested in contributing to our community blog, he jumped feet-first at the

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