Opportunities and Challenges in Implementing IDaaS

Companies are adopting a growing number of SaaS applications, everything from CRM to file management, to enable greater productivity across many business functions.  As larger numbers of apps are rolled

10 Steps to Become a Senior Software Engineer – by Alexander Tamoykin, CTO of ThinkAlike

10 Steps to Become a Senior Software Engineer  What? Software engineers go through several stages in their careers. They start out in a Junior role, then move to Mid-Level, then

Are you leveraging the power of Redis? – by John Hall Founder Loyhall.com, Co-founder Tradesy.com

Redis is known as either a NoSQL database or a cache.    We all know that calling anything a “NoSQL” database doesn’t really tell us much about it, and using Redis

Node.js & the Event Loop – by Tim Fulmer, VP of Engineering at HopSkipDrive

Remember when object instantiation was such a big deal, EJBs made sense?  It cost so many CPU cycles to allocate a new object, it made sense to cache objects in

Develop an App Using Native Code or Use a Hybrid/Web Framework – by Shuki Lehavi, Sr. Director of Engineering at J2

After PhoneGap and Titanium/Appcelerator, Ionic /Drifty is the latest to offer a Hybrid framework for developing cross-platform apps. I thought this is a great opportunity to revisit the fundamental question

You Should Never Build Native! – by John O’Connor

John O’Connor is an Entrepreneur, Engineer, Educator, Serial CTO, Startup Junkie, and Tech Nerd with social polish. He currently serves as CTO at CardBlanc. In this issue of Tech Splash he

What’s In Store For 2015?!

Happy New Year! 2014 was an incredible year for technology employment in LA. It is most certainly an employee’s market, characterized by a shortage in technical, UEX and product talent locally

Going Down The Rabbit Hole? By Jon Dokulil

Jon Dokulil, VP of Engineering at Hudl, a company that makes software products for athletic teams and coaches, shares his experience of transitioning from MSMQ to RabbitMQ. If you’re interested

Being “Cloud Agnostic” Could be Costly by Kevin Epstein

Kevin Epstein is a cloud computing expert, currently working as the Cloud Computing Manager at CorpInfo. He shares insight into the costs associated with being “cloud agnostic”, including the technological

“When Exactly IS The Right Time To Innovate” by Josh Hatter

Josh Hatter is a technologist and former broadcast and digital operations executive. His experience includes deploying high performance technology infrastructure, designed asset management tools and defined worfklows used in the

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