What’s In Store For 2015?!

Happy New Year! 2014 was an incredible year for technology employment in LA. It is most certainly an employee’s market, characterized by a shortage in technical, UEX and product talent locally and across the country. Most talented job prospects are receiving multiple offers at any given time, so networking and targeting passive candidates have never been more crucial factors in team building. In order to win out on hiring the top candidates, companies are offering increasingly competitive combinations of salary, bonus, equity, flex hours, telecommuting, benefits, growth opportunities, and, most importantly, the chance to work on meaningful projects with new technologies. Talent poaching and counter offers have risen in tandem with these trends. Additionally, we have seen a marked increase in a variety of development languages, including Scala, Ruby, Python, Go and node.JS (which has become one of the most popular and widely used languages).

Our data shows that average base salary ranges (not including benefits, perks, bonuses, stock/equity or other factors that might influence total compensation) for the most common positions are:

  • Manual QA:  $60K – $90K (all levels)
  • QA Automation/SDET:  $110K – $125K (mid) $125K – $150K (Sr)
  • .Net Engineer: $90K – $110K (mid), $110K – $135K (Sr)
  • Java Engineer: $110K – $125K (mid), $125K – $145K (Sr)
  • DevOps/Linux Engineer: $110K – $125K (mid), $130K – $150K (Sr)
  • Node.JS Engineer: $100K – $120K (mid), $120K – $140K (Sr)
  • PHP Dev: $90K – $110K (mid), $110K – $135K (Sr)
  • FE/Web Dev: $100K – $120K (mid), $125K – $150K (Sr)
  • Product Manager: $90K – $120K (mid), $120 -150K (Sr)
  • UI Designer: $80K – $110K (mid), $110K – $135K (Sr)
  • Project Manager: $90K – $110K (mid), $110K – $130K (Sr)
  • iOS Developer: $110K – $125K (mid), $125K – $165K (Sr)
  • Android Developer – $120K – $175K (all levels)

As we look forward to 2015, we anticipate that the skill-sets most in demand will include:

  • node.JS Developers
  • Data Scientists/Engineers
  • SDET’s
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineers
  • Product Marketing
  • Android/iOS Developers

We also expect that traditional Systems Administration (Windows and Linux), Network Engineers, manual QA and PHP will continue to fall in demand. Particularly for QA or systems, positions that do not require scripting or heavy amounts of automation experience are increasingly rare.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic year, full of great projects, new technologies and fruitful collaboration.
Onwards & Upwards!

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