What Is In Store For 2017!

In 2017, targeting passive candidates will be a crucial aspect of overall recruitment strategy. Companies will face the challenge of landing talent, providing a great team experience for employees while compromising on value due to increasing salaries and total compensation packages (because of supply & demand, not necessarily because of caliber & skill level of talent).

Our data shows that average base salary ranges (not including benefits, perks, bonuses, stock/equity or other factors that might influence total compensation) for the most common positions are:

  • Data Engineer:$110K-120K (mid) $130K-$160K (Sr)
  • Data Scientist: $120K-$140K (mid) $150K-180K (Sr)
  • Data Architect: $165K – $200K (Sr)
  • QA Automation/SDET:  $110K – $125K (mid) $125K – $160K (Sr)
  • .Net Engineer: $90K – $110K (mid), $110K – $150K (Sr)
  • Java Engineer: $110K – $125K (mid), $125K – $170K (Sr)
  • Scala Engineer: $135K – $185K (Sr)
  • DevOps Engineer: $110K – $125K (mid), $130K – $170K (Sr)
  • Node.JS Engineer: $100K – $120K (mid), $120K – $150K (Sr)
  • PHP Dev: $90K – $110K (mid), $110K – $140K (Sr)
  • FE/Web Dev: $90K – $120K (mid), $125K – $180K (Sr)
  • Product Manager: $90K – $120K (mid), $120 -150K (Sr)
  • UX Designer: $80K – $110K (mid), $110K – $160K (Sr)
  • Project Manager: $90K – $120K (mid), $120K – $140K (Sr)
  • iOS Developer: $110K – $130K (mid), $130K – $170K (Sr)
  • Android Developer: $120K – $180K (all levels)

As 2017 progresses, we anticipate that the most in demand skill-sets will include:

  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • AWS
  • Swift
  • RESTful API
  • Scala
  • Go (Golang)
  • Java
  • .Net
  • Node.JS
  • JS Frameworks (React, Meteor, Angular, Ember, Backbone)
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Docker
  • Jenkins (CI/CD)
  • Ansible/Chef

As forecasted, traditional Systems Engineers (Windows and Linux), Network Engineers, manual QA testers and PHP developers have fallen significantly in demand. Contrastingly, DevOps, QA Automation/SDETs and Engineers focused on Big Data and Machine learning/AI have spiked, and AWS and API experience have become a must have in most engineering team environments; We’ve also seen Business Analysts, and PM opportunities remain in high demand at enterprise level organizations, however that skillset is being integrated into the Product Manager/Engineer role, or Software Engineer in the SMB market.  As SaaS platforms are starting to replace and run back-office functions, most engineering teams are targeting engineers with web application and scalability experience.
We’re looking forward to a fantastic year, full of great partnerships, new technologies and fruitful collaboration.

Cheers to a Successful Year Ahead!

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