“Break through the noise in the marketplace” – Tips from Ori Neidich

We asked Ori Neidich  – consultant to CEOs of technology companies, studios, agencies, and international governments – to fill us in on some of his tried and true techniques to break through in crowded marketplaces. With nearly 20 years of technology experience, including a decade at Hollywood studios such as DreamWorks Animation and Digital Domain, he is an expert at the intersection of media & technology. His international work is focused on economic development through accelerators in technology, content and digital media.  Ori uses the below techniques, in addition to many others, to help his clients – which range in industry from technology to entertainment to government – on how to create next-generation products based on the emerging trends that are about to shake up our world of storytelling and content. He’s always happy to answer questions or provide more insight at ori@neidich.com. Also, check out Ori’s recent presentation entitled, The Future of Storytelling: How You and Your Cell Phone Can Reshape Reality http://youtu.be/4yjB6r8LQ4g.

Fun Fact: According to areastartups.com, there are over 2000 registered startup companies in Los Angeles

Whether you’re a tech company, studio or agency – attracting new and loyal customers is essential to success. How can your products rise above the noise and add a lasting value to your consumer?

Here are some guidelines: 

Your product is its own marketing.  Marketing (no matter how well executed) will only get people to try your product once. If at that moment it doesn’t absolutely solve their specific needs and or problems, they are disappointed, and you will have lost them forever.

Your best evangelist is a satisfied user. The secret is to nurture their interest and passion so much that they will not only continue using the product, but also evangelize it for you.

Polish your product until it is the absolute best it can be, before gathering customers. If you execute a good product, then everything else starts to fall into place. Stop thinking of your product in terms of what you say about it. Instead imagine what one user would say about it to another user who knows nothing of your marketing materials.

Make your customers keep coming back from more from your lines of products by consistently adding value to their experiences.

Stay close to your customers as you build and launch new products. Your goal is to leverage the power of peer-to-peer communication and word of mouth marketing. Here’s how to begin:

  • Imagine what one user says to another prospect in    a 5-second sound bite (Instagram’s example: “it makes cool pictures”).
  • Make your user look cool using it (e.g. Autostitch, they don’t even say anything).
  • Use visual examples.  Almost half of our brains are dedicated to visual processing.
  • Observe and track customer behavior and then respond to it:  How often is your app used? Time of day? Situation? In what context?
  • Focus on what will create customer retention; this is the real moneymaker killer app (not conversion).

Focusing on these guidelines will cut through the incorrect assumptions in the marketplace, and will bring you closer to your customer and success.

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